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But now, with great straining and difficulty, comes a weekly…


Bear Spray not hairspray!



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Take Groucho Marx, Gandalf the Gray, and a used car salesman, mix them in a blender, and what do you get? A bloody mess! But you might also get the Traveller too—the Wyrld’s wackiest wizard!

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Terrific Trio

 An Elf, a Dwarf, and Terrific Trio Number 4 Page 21a Lizard-Man—this unlikely team—this Terrific Trio—must save the Wyrld. But do they have what it takes? For those who love Dungeons and Dragons and a dash of humor with their fantasy.

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Teddy & Joe logoTeddy & Joe Page 11On a strange Earth-like planet where the supernatural reigns alongside science and humans are not the only sentient life form but live in a tenuous and tense relationship with “Stufflings,” human-like anthropoids, Joe must work with Teddy, one such “Stuffling,” to save the planet from an ancient evil. Comic noir science fiction fantasy. 

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Yorick logoProgrammers vs ProgramsComic strip portraying the life of everyday nice guy and CNA/HHA Yorick and his wacky friends: his irascible elderly patient, Mr. Coon; the cynical computer programmer, Meldon, his slob roommate, Ralph; and Marty, the crazy conspiracy nut. For those who still appreciate old style weekday comic strip funnies! 

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Terrible Trio logo

Terrible Trio Page 36

NEW! To be rich is glorious! Or such is the slogan of Dr. Phantom, Lich, and the Iron Dragon—aka the Terrible Trio! Got a dragon to kill? Deep dungeons to conquer? No problem for these three outlaws—if the price is right. 

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